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Admira Design Group is a dynamic team with the expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion and it all starts with Design Excellence...

Design Excellence is one of the best investments you can make and here are just a few of principles behind an Admira Designed Home.

  • Design Excellence is an amazing investment which adds value like nothing else... average homes and beautiful homes both cost the same to build.
  • Design Excellence is about enriching and enhancing the lives of your family as they interact with their home, their environment and each other.
  • Design Excellence is about “Solid Sustainability”, so your home is built to last for generations to come.
  • Design Excellence is timeless, not trendy, trendy is for clothing or accessories but Admira homes last too long to be “date stamped” by fashion.
  • Design Excellence makes the design process itself exciting and memorable for you as you work with our team towards a life changing goal.
  • Design Excellence uses advanced technology to allow you to walk around and through your home to experience and approve your home before building.
  • Design Excellence is not loyal to any particular product, material or building system but is loyal to our homeowner and looks for the best solution for their situation.
This last point the reason for our advanced 3D visualisation which allows you to walk around and through your home making you able to experience and approve your home before building commences.



Our Philosophy

We beleive your home should be about you - your lifestyle, your land, your dreams.
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Our History

We've built a solid track record over three decades of design, using a wide range of systems.
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Unique Designs

Creating a unique design is about creating somthing that reflects the unique you.
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Solid Sustainability

Creatign sustainable homes is about creating homes built to last.
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Design Details

"Design is in the details" - and we beleive the details should be centered around you.
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Contact Us

Start your dream home project today, contact us and get your design moving.
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